Yo! West Coast is best coast! You know you wanna join us over here! Living in the Portland suburbs is cheaper and not too bad! Also the weather is almost identical to anywhere from Bremerton down to Corvallis (you do not want to live in Corvallis)

I have never heard of Bremerton or Corvallis, so we’ll go with you’re right, I don’t want to live there. I know myself well enough to know I need to be in a city/tourist area where I have plenty of options for things to do because growing up in Central Florida has spoiled me and I’d likely die of boredom anywhere else. Like, there are supposedly things to do around here, but considering every other talk about me driving around comes with warnings to not go there or don’t drive in this area if I’m alone or sure as hell stay away from there after dark, it doesn’t really inspire me to want to see what all I can do anywhere, if only to avoid the nagging and lectures from my sister. -_-

I slept most of today, to the point my brother-in-law opened the door to the basement in the afternoon to ask if I was okay because he hadn’t seen or heard from me since he took my nephew to school. No, not true, I got up briefly to ask who was picking him up. Then I read on my nook and did the laziest bit of babysitting ever, got fed Taco Bell, and made meatballs for my sister. 

Now I’m sitting here, pretending like I’m going to be productive and write when in reality, I’m going to finish typing this and then go back to reading while I finish a little more than half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream. Which I probably shouldn’t do, because I’m going to an ice cream social and at a Jewish temple tomorrow (because free ice cream and doing something social seems like a good idea). I’m thinking of driving myself, so if I hate it, I can leave. Maybe go watch a movie or something (mainly because I’ve been really wanting some movie popcorn, not because I have any particular desire to see anything currently out).

Still no word from that gym, which is a bummer. The wig came in though. It looks hilariously terrible, and dated, and I maybe should’ve gone with a different one but ah well. Too late now!

Okay, so this weekend I am going to hopefully finish unpacking the last of the stuff I have in boxes (mostly books, my video game/electronic stuff, and some misc others) and if I’m super duper lucky, I’ll get a call back from the gym I interviewed at yesterday with good news. I’m fully prepared (mentally) for disappointment, but it’d be awesome to actually get the job, not least because it will give me a set schedule for the time when I’m not playing nanny. 

As it is, I have about 6 free hours in the morning and then my afternoon is taken up until about 9-ish, leaving me with a handful of hours to do stuff before going to sleep so I can be up super early. If I get the job, I’ll be working overnight from 10 - 6, which means I get back at the perfect time to shower if I want, wake the munchkin, make breakfast, and get him ready for school. Once he’s out the door, I can sleep until it’s time to eat (or pick him up, and eat after), play nanny, then get him to bed with enough time left to head out the door for work. 

I’d probably never be online (ha, not like I’m on much now as it is) except for the weekends, but I’d be able to save money which is the goal, ‘cause I think by the end of next summer or in the autumn, I want to leave. Maybe. Idk, it’ll probably depend on what’s going on, how much money I’ve saved, and if I’ve decided where I want to go to next. All I know for sure is that I definitely have to have 2 - 3 grand in the bank because I absolutely have to rent a U-Haul trailer at the very least, because there’s no way I’ll be able to manage to stuff my car like I did coming up here, especially if I have a passenger (which I’ll have to have, unless I’m driving back to Florida or somewhere else along/near the east coast, because everywhere else will be too far for me to want to chance driving non-stop).

But this is all speculation for now. I’m visiting a friend of mine in Pittsburgh for a weekend in a few weeks. Sometime next year, I want to try and visit my friend in L.A. and maybe actually go to Portland for more than a day, so I can really get a feel for whether I can see myself living there. Once I’ve an idea of a place or two I want to live, I can look into how much it’ll cost to move and live there, and get a better idea of how much I need to save.

Unless I manage to somehow become rich and famous over the course of the next year, in which case, the world will be my oyster!

Alternately, I can become besties with someone both rich and generous (so if you know of anyone who fits that qualification and is looking for friends…)

I should probably go to bed now. 


Never forget: Afro-Latinas are amazing, smart, and beautiful. 

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Um, so are we going to talk about my modding problem?  Because seriously for real WHAT HAVE I FUCKING DONE.

Download the THIS IS SPARTAAAAA mod at girlplaysgame.com

Ahahahahaha! Sal, Sal, Sal! ohgodsalazarwhy!

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burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor, ‘cause holy shit, this is beautiful and magical and I now want to turn my blue into purple (maybe when it’s longer).

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Okay so I sped up The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy and help it’s really good


holy shit



holy fucking shit 

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comedy central is getting better and better at finding people for this kind of stuff

Just an fyi, he’s no longer on Comedy Central; he’s got his own oh HBO.

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want this moment burned on my eyelids

Saving this gif.


want this moment burned on my eyelids

Saving this gif.

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Where do I go to report Phoenix sightings?




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I caught that shit

No but really, who are those people?

Fifth Harmony, formed on X-Factor. I rather like them, they’re cute. 

But I’m still wondering what the hell that thing next to Katy Perry is, and why it’s there, because if his job is to deflect attention from her terrible outfit, it worked but just barely.

This may never get old.

This may never get old.

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Beyoncé’s performance just made it worth sitting through the rest of the VMAs. Yup. Best way to end. 

Ain’t going to lie here, just because that was an awesome thing to do:

I still think Sia should’ve won best video for Chandelier, but kudos to Miley for that.